12o Coloquio Internacional de Creatividad Computacional 2017

Maya Ackerman
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Engineering
Santa Clara University



Conferencia Magistral.

Artificial Intelligence Programs That Write Songs

Santa Clara University, USA

Abstract: Despite decades of progress in artificial intelligence, songwriting remains in the human creative domain. Can a soulless machine help in the human quest for creative songwriting? How would an AI assist without taking away from the user’s self-expression? We will present two songwriting machines: ALYSIA, a machine-learning system that learns the relationship between melodies and lyrics, and MABLE,  which creates computer generated lyrics that tell a coherent story. Original songs created with these systems will also be shown.

Joint work with Rafael Pérez y Pérez, and Divya Singh, David Loker, Chris Cassion.


The Computer as a Creative Partner (3 hours)

(con traducción simultánea)
Miércoles 18 de octubre

Can a computer help us be the creative? Is it possible to collaborate with a computer in the same way that two human artists might collaborate on a song or poem? This workshop will open with a discussion on what it means to be creative, for both humans and computers, and then address the emerging possibility of meaningful creative collaboration between human and machine. Participants will have a chance to engage with a co-creative songwriting system, as well as design their own automated creative collaborator.


Conferencia Magistral

17 de octubre
11:00 hrs.  Ver resumen algunas líneas abajo.
Sede: Aula Magna 6o piso, UAM Cuajimalpa.
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18 de octubre
10:00 a 13:00 hrs. Ver resúmenes algunas líneas abajo.
Sede: Salón de usos múltiples, 6o piso,  UAM Cuajimalpa.


Habrá traducción simultánea.